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When you put your life in the hands of Southland Security, we treat you like family. 

The Response You Want

If you are experiencing an emergency, you never want to be alone. When you have the team at Southland Security monitoring your system 24/7 there is always someone there to reply whenever you need help.

Personal responders are waiting by for your call or distress signal, and we quickly alert medical and emergency personnel at the first indication of trouble. Many of our clients are realizing the benefits of having an emergency alert system as part of their home security, giving younger children or older seniors the ability to contact our monitoring station on a moment’s notice. There are countless issues that can occur in the home that might require medical or emergency services, and being prepared means having a direct link to a trusted security team. By placing your trust in our staff of experts you will be securing the safety of your family night and day, and getting the peace of mind you want. Call us today to hear about the various options we have for rapid response medical alert and personal emergency signaling.

Security as Easy as 1, 2, 3

There shouldn’t have to be a break in or a fire in order for you to contact one of our representatives, and with the newest security technology from the leading manufacturers, you will never be more than a button push away from a trained Southland responder. Our systems come with various features that leave you able to signal us at any time, during any situation. After pressing the alert button on any mobile device or wall unit you will be speaking with a professional who will immediately have your information on hand, and will be able to assist medical or police responders with any critical details. We will remain on the line with you during any circumstance until you are in the capable hands of emergency personnel, and will also reach out to any contacts you might indicate prior to or during your emergency. At Southland Security Systems, we are here for your wellbeing. 

Wall Unit

Fixed Emergency response unit that is installed by a Southland Security Expert. With the push of a button you will be put in touch with a response professional and have emergency contacts notified.                              

Lanyard Button

This lightweight button signal can be worn around the neck and will notify our monitoring team that you are in need of assistance when pushed.


Watch Transmitter

This wrist option for your medical alert button gives you easy access to our emergency professionals 24/7 providing you the relief you need in any situation.

Medical and emergency alert systems ensure that you connected to a security executive 24 hours a day, and are most widely used by:

  • Seniors living alone or in assisted care
  • Individuals with limited mobility
  • Homes with younger children
  • Daycares
  • High risk job sites
  • Individuals with medical conditions that require constant monitoring
  • …or anyone looking to have an immediate responder during an emergency