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Your business was not easy to build, so why leave it susceptible to harm when you can protect your assets with Southland Security Systems.

Doing Business Better

Making certain that your business is secure can be a difficult task to handle properly, but with the guidance and support of Southland Security, you can get the protection you need without breaking the bank. Home security mainly deals with monitoring break-ins and theft, in addition to detection for fire and CO2. Business security systems have a far greater list of purposes, which range from inventory protection to employee monitoring and everything in between. Keeping you protected means keeping your business secure at all times, and our skilled security experts can walk you through an on-site consultation regarding the best options for your facility or property. 

By allowing us to consult with you about your security needs, you will gain quality assurance that we can provide whatever level of protection and monitoring you desire. 

Common Issues for Businesses

While some companies experience extremely specific issues related to building security and inventory monitoring, there are some general areas that most businesses want addressed during a consultation. We will work with you to recognize where your business needs help, and go from there to design a security plan that fits your needs. When evaluating your business it’s important to think about what purpose you want your security system to best serve. Is it for employee monitoring? Theft prevention? Increasing workplace safety? No matter what your motivation is, we can get you the best business security at a cost that’s right for you. 

Alarm Systems
- Control Panel and Keypad
- Motion Dectors
- Panic Buttons
- Door & Window Sensors 

DVR, CCTV & Surveillance
- Hidden Cameras
- Real Time Recorders
- Monitors 

Fire Detection & Sprinkler Systems
- CO2 & Smoke Detectors
- Control Pannels
- Emergency Services
- Sprinkler Installation 

Restricted Access
- Key Cards & Readers
- Access Monitoring
- Advanced Entry Systems 

Secure Your Business

Call us now to receive a quick assessment of your various security needs, and we will develop a customized plan to meet your demands before giving you a quote. Whether you are looking for basic perimeter monitoring or advanced surveillance options, we have the right tools and experienced staff to get the job done quickly and professionally. We take great pride in our work, and that means treating each business with the same level of respect and sincerity.

Reach out to us and get the safety and control that you want for your business today.